The road to Penukonda photoMy research benefits immensely from the interest, enthusiasm, and hard work of colleagues and friends in India, without whom I wouldn’t have much to write about on these pages. John Fritz and George Michell kindly gave me the opportunity to work at Vijayanagara, an experience that impressed me so much that it changed the direction of my career. The late C. S. Patil and many staff archaeologists of the outstanding Karnataka Directorate of Archaeology and Museums helped me to begin my own research projects in Karnataka. S. K. Aruni, Southern Regional Centre Director of the Indian Council of Historical Research, has been helpful at every turn.  Aruni is a first-rate archaeologist and brilliant administrator whom I first knew as a colleague and hut-mate at Vijayanagara.

Archaeologists & historians in Bangalore

Aruni, me, Jagadeesh, and Yogeesh
Bangalore, Aug 2006

Jagadeesh C., presently English Lecturer at the Govt. Jr. College, in Hosdurga, Chitradurga District, and Venkatesh Naik, professional driver based in Mysore, are two of the best men that I know. I greatly value their friendship. Together we’ve covered thousands of kilometers on rural Karnataka roads, hiked up and down countless thorn-covered hills, shared way too many meals of tepid water, biscuits, and bananas, and learned quite a lot about the history and archaeology of Karnataka along the way.  I regret only that we can’t do it all over again.

Sujata & C. S. Patil photo

Sujata and C.S. Patil discuss fine points about
field notes at Jaladurga, Bellary Dt., Jan 1996

Dr. Sujata Patil, now of Bangalore, shares a great interest in Karnataka history and archaeology with Aruni, Jagadeesh, Yogeesh, and me.  C.S. Patil was the advisor/guide for her PhD work at Hampi University and the three of us walked many Bellary District sites together.

In Chitradurga District, I owe debts of gratitude to B. Rajashekharappa, Shankar Athani, S. V. Reddy, and many more people than it is possible to list here.

Finally, wherever I travel in Karnataka, I am impressed by its beauty and the hospitality of its citizens.  It’s both a pleasure and a privilege to study its history.