PhDs Supervised

One of the true pleasures of university teaching is the opportunity to work with many brilliant, talented students. In my 30+ years at the University of Illinois, I was fortunate enough to supervise the following PhD students (listed alphabetically by surname, year graduated, and dissertation title):

Barut, Sibel  1996  Later Stone Age Lithic Raw Material Use at Lukenya Hill, Kenya

Beehr, Dana  2011  Investigation of Middle Woodland Population Movement in the Midwestern United States Using Strontium Isotopes

Betts, Colin  2000  Symbolic, Cognitive, and Technological Dimensions of Orr Phase Oneota Ceramics

Clouse, Robert  1996  Fort Snelling, Minnesota: Intrasite Variability at a Nineteenth Century Military Post

Connolly, Robert  1995  Middle Woodland, Hilltop Enclosures: The Built Environment, Construction and Function

Creamer, Jennifer  2004  Facing Japan While Living in the United States: The Study Abroad Experiences and Expectations of Japanese Women

Freimuth, Glen  2010  Segmented and Ascendant Chiefdom Polity as Viewed from the Divers Site

Grunden, Amanda  1999  Reyog: More than Art: Identity Construction in an East Javanese Regency, Ponorogo, Indonesia

Hedman, Kristin   2007  Health and Cultural Interaction in the Illinois Country: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Three Historic Native American Populations

Hutchinson, Dale  1991  Postcontact Native American Health and Adaptation: Assessing the Impact of Introduced Diseases in 16th Century Gulf Coast Florida

Kreisa, Paul  1990  Organizational Aspects of Mississippian Settlement Systems in Western Kentucky

Mehrer, Mark  1988  The Settlement Patterns and Social Power of Cahokia’s Hinterland Households

Mertens, Steven  1993  The Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Romania

Nakbunlung, Supaporn  1994  Origins and Biological Affinities of the Modern Thai Populations: An Osteological Perspective

Ostlund, James  2002  The Evolution of the Glenoid Region in the Hominidae: Implications for Hominid Phylogenetics

Stout, Charles  1989  The Spatial Patterning of the Adams Site: A Mississippian Town in Western Kentucky

Sussenbach, Tom  1993  Agricultural Intensification and Mississippian Developments in the Confluence Region of the Mississippi River Valley

VanderHoek, Richard  2009  The Role of Ecological Barriers in the Development of Cultural Boundaries during the Later Holocene of the Central Alaska Peninsula.

Wesson, Cameron  1997  Households and Hegemony: An Analysis of Historic Creek Culture Change

Wolforth, Lynne  1996  Smallpox Diffusion Between Small and Dispersed Historic Native American Populations