Bidar District

The information for these graves is from Crofton (1941:170).


Year Name Inscription 
1894 Barrett In loving memory of Adolphus Barrett, District Engineer, His Highness the Nizam’s Public Works Department. Died 22nd February 1894, aged 41 years and 5 months. This tomb is erected by his sorrowing widow and children.This tomb is located close to the south gate and just outside the walls of the town; inscription missing as of 1941. [Crofton #1114]

Hali Khurd Ahmed Taluq

1853 Campbell Unmarked grave.  Marcus Dill Campbell, Asst. Surgeon, Madras Estbt. b. Clanderadock, Donegal, 12th May 1823. Nephew of John Dill, Surgeon, of Brighton. Nominated when in Mauritius in 1851, by Sir Robert Campbell Bart, a Director of the H.E.I. Co., at the request of Lady Pocock. Asst. Surg. 24th May 1852. To do duty with the 2nd European Regt. at ecunderabad 15th Oct. 1852. Passed exam. in Hindustani 31 May 1853. Died at Gardawaddy 12th July 1853. [Crofton #1116]


1802 Nunes Iozzoha, Filha de Manuel P., mulher de Joachim Nunes, m(orreo) 18th Dez m. 1802 [Crofton #1116]Translation: Iozzha, son of Manuel P., wife of Joachim Nunes, died 18th Dec. 1802.Joachim de Nunes appears in Briggs’ list of Europeans in the service of the Nizam in 1800. Several of this family took State Service. (Crofton 1941:170)

Reference Cited

Crofton, O. S. (1941) List of Inscriptions on Tombs or Monuments in H.E.H. the Nizam’s Dominions. Published under the authority of His Exalted Highness the Nizam’s Govt.