Gulbarga District

The information given for Gulbarga Cemetery is from OIOC R/4/242, Item 32 and Bullock (1933). Details given for other Gulbarga District graves are from Bullock (1933) and Crofton (1941:164-165).

Gulbarga Cemetery

Year Name Inscription 
1872 Hornby Sacred to the Memory of Alexander George Hornby, who departed this life on October 28, 1872, aged 28 years, 5 months, 11 days. This tablet is erected by his widow. [Bullock #929]
1878 Dunhill In Memory of Katherine Louisa Sara, daughter of C.C. & J. C. Dunhill, died 11 April 1878, aged 10 months. [Bullock #930]
1881 McFarlaine In Memory of T. M. McFarlaine, M.I.C.E., Executive Engineer, His Highness the Nizam’s Public Works Department, born 18 December 1838, died 6 October 1881, aged 43 years.  This tablet is erected by his widow. [Bullock #935] (Crofton 1941:164 spells the surname as “MacFarlane”)
1883 Mayberry In Memory of Anne Rachel, the beloved wife of Richard Mayberry, Surgeon, 1 Hyderabad Lancers.  Born 12 March 1824.  Died 3 March 1883. (OIOC R/4/242, Item 32 gives the surname as “Maybury”)
1883 Olgilvie Katherine Olgilvie, born 16 July 1858, died 20 July 1883. [Bullock #934]
1892 Farrington Sacred to the memory of Isaac William, son of J. & J. Farrington, born 1 September 1890, died 5 November 1892. (Marble cross broken off and removed.)
1894 Farrington Sacred to the memory of Hugh Cyril, youngest child of J. & J. Farrington, born 18 November 1893, died 14 May 1894.  (Marble cross broken off and removed.)
1894 Chamarette Sacred to the Memory of Geraldine Marie Chamarette, beloved daughter of Mrs. A.E. Mayberry, who departed this life on 3 April 1894, aged 28 years and 10 months. [Bullock #931]
1897 Jamieson Sacred to the Memory of Flora Daisy, the dearly beloved daughter of A. & S. S. Jamieson, who departed this life on 27 February 1897, aged 6 months and 9 days.
1897 Gardiner Georgina, the beloved daughter of Thomas William Gardiner, who died on 4th March 1897, aged 7 months and 21 days. [Bullock #938]
1942 Wheelcock Ethel Cecilia Wheelcock, 1883-1942.  Missionary 21 years.


1897 Stirling No grave traced.  John Stirling, Lieut. 1st Bombay Eur. Regt., d. d. Contgt. Cavalry. b. Glasgow 10th June 1804. Bombay Cadet 1822.  Ens. 17th Nov 1822. Lieut. 8th Sept. 1826. Killed in action at Dandoti 3rd Jan. 1828, was on Civil Duty at time of death. Son of William Sterling, merchant in Glasgow, and Margaret Ritchie his wife. Educ. Edinburgh High School. [Crofton #1088]Attack on Dandoti 3rd Jan. 1828.

Towards the end of 1827 a number of insurgent Arabs had taken refuge in the ghurri at Dandoti and from this point of vantage were raiding the surrounding country.  When this news was brought in to Gulbarga, Lieut. Stiirling put himself at the head of his own cavalry escort and a small body of the Nizam’s troops then stationed at the district headquarters and marched to the village, which they reached on the morning of Jan. 3rd.  The gate of the village was thrown open by some of the inhabitants and Stirling, accompanied by a few men advanced towards the ghurri, sweeping a number of Arabs before them.  Before the gate of the fort was reached Stirling was wounded, but he cut down one of the enemy, pistolled another and pushed on to the wicket where he was shot through the body with four bullets and died leaning against the gate. Three men who were with him were also killed and one wounded in a vain attempt to force their way in, and then the remainder of the little force retired and established themselves in houses which commanded the gateway. Here they remained until the arrival of Capt. Eric Sutherland’s contingent forced the Arabs to surrender. According to Meadows Taylor’s account in “The Story of My Life” p. 33, the Arabs were allowed by the Commissioner to march off without molestation just as the punative force arrived. (Crofton 1941:164)


1860 Belcher Here lie the remains of G. B. Belcher Esqr., late Paymaster 17th Lancers, died 19th Sept. A.D. 1860. Aged 50 years. [Crofton #1089]

Shorapur Cemetery

1853 Fruvall Julia, wife of Andrew Fruvall, 1st Asst. Apothecary H. C. died 25th March 1853. [Crofton #1090]
1858 Newberry In memory of Captain George Newberry, aged (39) years. Killed in action before Shorapur.  His remains are buried south-east of Rukhnapore. (See No. 1095) [Crofton #1091] (Bullock 1931:54 gives the name as Newbury, the age at death as 37 years, and the death date as 5 Feb 1848.  This is clearly an inscription that wants checking in the field.)
Unknown Fallon Dora, daughter of Capt. W. Fallon, 3rd Infantry H. C. [Crofton #1092]
Unknown Gomes Sara, wife of Lt. F. Gomes, H. H. the Nizam’s Regular Troops. [Crofton #1093]
1866 Bongar To the memory of Jemima Augusta Bongar, died 25th Oct 1866 at Shorapur, aged 1 year 4 months and 12 days [Bullock #972] (Crofton 1941:165 gives the name as Jemima Agatha)
Outbreak in Shorapur, 1858.In the end of 1857 Raja Pid Naik of Shorapur revolted, and was joined by some Mahrattas and by a strong body of his Bedar clansmen. In February 1858 the Belgaum and Kurnaul Moveable Columns and a detachment of Contingent troops under Capt. Wyndham marched against the town, where they arrived on the 7th and proceeded to occupy a low ridge to the S. E. of Shorapur.  That evening the camp of the Contingent troops was strongly attacked by the Bedars, but on the arrival of the British Force the enemy was beaten off and driven back into the town.

Next morning Captain Newberry and Lieut. Stewart, with a small escort, were sent forward to reconnoitre the walls. As they were passing the village of Venkatpura the party was fired on by some Rohillas hidden in the bushes behind the village; Newberry fell, and the escort galloped off with his subaltern who was severely wounded. The Rohillas thereupon broke out of their hiding place, and finding Newberry’s body, cut off his head, which they carried with them into the town.  This incident was witnessed by the Raja who was stationed on a rocky pinnacle above the walls, as well as by a number of towns people. Later in the day, the Raja, feeling that further resistance was useless, escaped from the town and the Bedars, rendered leaderless, followed his example.  By nightfall the insurgents were scattered in the surrounding hills and the troops entered the town without opposition. Three of the Rohillas concerned in Newberry’s death were subsequently caught and hanged on the bastion close to the Infantry Lines. (Crofton 1941:165)

Anandapur, 2 Miles S. E. of Rukhnapore

1858 Newberry Sacred to the memory of Captain George Newberry, Madras Army, aged 37 years. Killed in action before Shorapore, February VIII 1858.George King Newberry, Capt. 8th Madras Light Cavalry. Madras Cadet 1838, Cornet 4th Sept. 1838. Lieut. 23rd Nov. 1841. Son of Thomas Raikes Newberry, of Lindfield, Sussex and Elizabeth his wife. (See No. 1091)

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