Raichur District

The information for these graves were taken from Bullock (1933:52-54) and Crofton (1941:167-169).

Cemetery close to the Railway Station, Raichur

Year Name Inscription 
1833 Hudson A.  Henry HUDSON. Engine Driver. M.R.C., who departed this life on the 4th March 1876. Born at Islington in the county of Midx. on the 2nd November 1833. Aged 43 years. [Bullock #963]
1877 Mills In memory of William Hurst Yarnton Mills, Executive Engineer H. H. the Nizam’s Public Works Dept. who died at Raichore, January 31st 1877, of cholera whilst superintending famine relief works. Aged 28 years. This monument is erected by his friends, both European and Native, in His Highness Service as a mark of their affectionate regard and esteem. [Crofton #1098]
1878 Shortt Alice Louisa, who died on the 5th January 1878, aged 13 years 3 months and 8 days ; and George McDonald, who died the 18th January 1879, aged 7 years 2 months and 11 days ; the beloved daughter and son of Jane Elizabeth and Edwd. George Shortt. [Bullock #962]
1878 Affield Jellalabad. XIII. In Memoriam. Thomas AFFIELD, 2nd Battalion, 13th (Prince Albert’s) Light Infantry, who died at Raichur on the 20th March 1878 when proceeding with his regiment to Bellary. Erected by his widow and the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Private Soldiers of his Company. [Bullock #965]
1878 Unknown Memorial to a private of the 2nd Bn. 13th Prince Albert’s Own Light Infantry who died at Raichur while the regiment was on the march from Bellary. [Crofton #1099]
1879 Almeida Annie R. Almeida, beloved daughter of John Francis and Sarah D. Almeida, who died on the 26th December 1879, aged 7 years 3 months and 26 days. [Bullock #966]
1884 Holding In memory of Maude Ethel, daughter of Edward Holding, died on the 20th June 1884, aged 2 years and 8 months. [Bullock #967]
1885 King Alernon King, who died at Raichur on the 3rd October 1885, aged 37 years. [Bullock #968]
1887 Boon In loving memory of Philip Henry William Boon, Surgeon I.M.S. born 1st March 1858, died 2nd April 1887. [Bullock #969] (Crofton 1941:167 gives the death date as 2 April 1880, which is clearly wrong because he cites external evidence to the effect that Boon was appointed as Asst. Surgeon on 2 Oct 1880, or 6 months after Crofton thinks he died)
1892 Tripp Muriel Tripp, the beloved daughter of Henry and Margaret Tripp, born 23rd December 1880, died 26th July 1892. [Bullock #970]


1894 Goshan Beatrice, daughter of Asst. Surgeon Goshan, died in childhood 1894. [Crofton #1101]
Unknown The cemetery at Yermeras contains only one inscribed grave [that of Goshan], but there are present other uninscribed tombs which appear to be those of troops who died in an epidemic.


1842 Harvey To the memory of Harriet Jane, daughter of W. M. and E. Harvey, born 3rd March 1841, died 26th June 1842. [Bullock #953]
1843 Mersh Margaret, the beloved wife of Sergeant-Major Charles Mersh, 6th Regiment, Nizam’s Infantry, who departed this life on the 9th January 1843, aged 19 years 4 months and 23 days. [Bullock #954]
1844 Meadows Taylor Sacred to the memory of Mary, wife of Captain Meadows Taylor, H. H. the Nizam’s Army.  Born 1st June 1808, she died after a lingering illness, 20th September 1844, aged 36 years.  Those who loved her on earth, and they were many, valued her tender devotedness and with them her memory rests in that deep affection which death cannot impair, and in her own humble hope of a merciful reunion hereafter through Christ our Savour. [Crofton #1102]
1848 Cunningham Mary, the dearly beloved wife of Quartermaster Patrick Cunningham H. H. the Nizam’s Artillery, died Lingsoogoor 26th Jan. 1848, aged 38. [Crofton #1103] (Bullock 1933:53 gives her age at death as 39 years and adds the note that she was survived by her husband and daughter)
1851 Knowles Sarah Louisa Caroline, the beloved wife of Sergeant-Major S. H. Knowles, 4th Company, Nizam’s Artillery, who departed this life on 4th March 1851, aged 37 years. [Bullock #955]
1852 Podmore Captain Richard Pakenham Podmore, 44th Regiment Madras Native Infantry and 8th Nizam’s Infantry, who departed this life at Lingsoogoor on the 2nd May 1852, aged 30 years. This inscription now missing but appears in a P.W.D. list 1905. [Crofton #1104]
1854 MacDonald Hugh Henry, son of Sergeant-Major MacDonald, 6th Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, died 22nd January 1854, aged 2 years and 2 months. [Bullock #960]
1856 Sinclair Infant daughter of Sophia and John Sinclair, 51st Regt. M.N.I., died 30th May 1856, aged 5 days. [Crofton #1105]
1857 Scott Arthur, son of Capt. S. P. Scott, died 7th Feb. 1857, aged 11 months and 28 days. [Crofton #1106]
1859 Taylor Claude Arbuthnot, son of Ralph and Fanny Taylor, born 19th Oct. 1858, died 7th Aug. 1859. [Crofton #1107] (Bullock 1933:52 gives the death date as 17 Aug 1859)
1859 Wilson Julia Sophia, wife of Allan Wilson C. E., Executive Engineer, the Raichur Doab, born 20th Oct. 1826, died 20th Sept. 1859. This memorial is inscribed by her bereaved husband.[Crofton #1108] (Bullock 1933:53 gives the death date as 30 Sep 1859)
1869 Smith Sergeant-Major T. Smith, 4th Regiment Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, who departed this life on the 1st November 1859, aged 46 years and 2 months. [Bullock #941]
1862 Viccajee Clara, wife of Rustomjee Viccajee Esq. Deputy Commissioner, Nizam’s Service, who departed this life at Lingsoogoor on the 15th Nov. 1862, aged 33 years. [Crofton #1109] (Bullock 1933:53 gives the death date as 13 Nov 1862)
1862 Beveridge Herbert Edmund, infant son of Henry and Sarah Beveridge. born 29th November 1861, died 27th August 1862 [Bullock #946]
1865 Pedler Laura Elizabeth Pedler. The dearly beloved wife of Capt. J. P. Pedler, she fell asleep on the 24th Sept. 1865, aged 30 years and 8 days, and George Pritchard their infant son aged 1 year and 6 days. [Crofton #1110] (Bullock 1933:53 gives the death year of Mrs. Pedler as 1856. Many thanks to Joanne Edwards for pointing out that Crofton mistakenly identified this grave as that of J. P. Pedler’s second wife, Isabella Elizabeth, who lived until 1917.)
1866 Hale Alfred Edward, the beloved son of Sergeant-Major J. T. Hale, 2nd Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, who departed this life on 28th August 1866, aged 2 years. [Bullock #945]
1868 Hale Sergeant-Major J. T. Hale, 2nd Regiment Infantry. Hyderabad Contingent, who departed this life on the 29th July 1868, aged 33 years and 9 months. This monument was erected by the Officers of the 2nd Regiment Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent. [Bullock #939]
1869 Pounde George Pounde, Conductor of the Ordnance Department, Hyderabad Contingent, obiit 4th November 1869, aged 4 (sic) years and 3 months. [Bullock #942]
1869 Daniels John, the beloved son of Sergeant-Major W. Daniels, 5th Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, who died on the 7th March 1869, aged 14 months. [Bullock #952]
1869 Daniels J. Daniels, Sergeant-Major, 5th Regiment, Hyderabad Contingent, who departed this life on the 14th October 1869, aged 42 years. This monument was erected by the Officers of the Regiment as a tribute to his worth. [Bullock #943]
1871 Kennedy Julia Catherine, the dearly beloved wife of J. J. Kennedy, Lieut., Hyderabad Contingent who departed this life 2nd March 1871. [Crofton #1111]
1880 James Jane and Juliet, the beloved daughters of Eliza and George James, Havildar, 1st Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, who departed this life on the 26th and 20th August, 1880, respectively, aged 6 years and 6 months, and 2 years and 3 months. [Bullock #959]
1881 McDermott Jane, the beloved wife of Apothecary Isaac McDermott, 1st Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent, who died during his absence on duty at Secunderabad on 20th June 1881, aged 33 years 1 month and 16 days. [Bullock #944]
1935 Munn Captain Leonard Munn O.B.E. (Mil.) Belgium Croix de Guerre, younger son of the Rev. George Munn Madresfield, Worcs. Born 31st May 1878, died at Lingsugur 21st Oct. 1935. 1908-1919 Mining Engineer (with Municipal Survey) H.E.H. the Nizam’s Government. January 1916 to November 1919 served during the Great War with the Royal Engineers in France. April 1928 to October 1935 Geological Survey and Special Officer, Well-Sinking Department, during which period he and his Staff sank or remodelled more than 1200 wells in the famine zone of this Raichur District, where his name is a household word.  [Crofton #1112] Note: 2nd Lieut. Edward Munn, North Staffs Regt. only son of Capt. L. Munn, died as the result of a motor bicycle accident in Secunderabad 1936.

Roman Catholic Church, Mudkul

The church at Mudkul stands on the foundations of one that was built by Jesuits before 1557 in the reign of Ibraham Adil Shah, who granted inam lands for its support. The original church was pulled down and rebuilt in the late 1800s. One inscription from the old church has been built into the floor of the new one. (Crofton 1941:169)

1793 Paradisi Hic Jacet Joannes Paradisi qui vixit ad 88 An….Missionem hanc rexit 41 an. Multos ad fidem Christi convertit et re vestutibus requiescit in Domino 13 Januarii A.D. 1793. [Crofton #1113]Translation: Here lies John Paradisi who lived for 88 years and ruled this mission for 41 years, converting many to the faith of Christ, and clothed in goodness was gathered to the Lord on the 13th January A.D. 1793.Father Paradisi was an Italian Jesuit who came to Mudkul from the Madura Mission.

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